1. I have an asset allocation plan already. How can CCM help me improve my odds of investment success?  Answer

  2. We often are told “stocks always come back”, but how many years can it take to get back to breakeven?  Answer 

  3. How could low-cost, passive, buy-and-hold investing derail my retirement?  Answer

  4. Will a diversified mix of ETFs and/or mutual funds save me in a bear market? Answer

  5. How much did passive investors lose in the 1929-1932 bear market and how long did it last?  Answer

  6. Will dividend stocks save me in a bear market?  Answer

  7. Are utility stocks really safe?  Answer

  8. What mistakes do many "I need income" investors make?  Answer

  9. What key issue prevents countless investors from participating in multiple-year bullish moves in the stock market?  Answer 

  10. What separates the CCM Market Model from traditional investment methodologies?  Answer

  11. Why is "beating the market" every year a flawed investment goal?  Answer

  12. How does narrow framing hurt investors and how does your approach help?  Answer

  13. How does the model incorporate fundamental data, including valuations?  Answer 

  14. Are ETFs tax efficient relative to mutual funds?  Answer