I have an asset allocation plan already. How can CCM help me improve my odds of investment success?


Many firms and advisors (not all) recommend a relatively static mix between stocks and bonds. It is fairly common for advisors to meet with you, stick your assets in a mix of stocks and bonds (aka a pie chart), and then move on to the next person. When a bear market comes, the standard company lines are “just ride it out”, “the market always comes back”, and “it is best to just leave it alone”.  Ask yourself, how did a buy-and-hold-and-hope strategy work in 2000-2002 or 2007-2009 when the S&P 500 Index lost over 50%?

Why should you have a fixed allocation to stocks during a bear market when the odds are clearly against stocks performing well? Why should you have a fixed allocation to bonds when interest rates are rising and the odds are clearly against bonds performing well? The answers are “you should not have a fixed allocation to stocks or bonds, or anything for that matter.” CCM’s dynamic approach to asset allocation offers a prudent alternative to the traditional "hang in there" approach.  

While the market model is based on sound economic and investment principles, there is no guarantee any of the objectives will be met in the future. The terms odds and probabilities also speak to uncertain outcomes. Risks are covered in more detail in the CCM Client Agreement and LPOA.