Can you provide a referral from an existing client?


Feedback on a client questionnaire was strongly negative on receiving calls or emails from prospective clients. Our clients are busy people, like you, who value their privacy. Therefore, we do not provide direct referrals. However, the thousands of people that follow CCM on Twitter and YouTube can serve as indirect referrals.

CCM's work has been featured by CNBC, Forbes, MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha, See It Market, and Yahoo Finance. Our credibility is also evident via thousands of followers online. CCM has over 30,000 followers on Twitter, over 9,000 YouTube subscribers, and over 6,000 followers on Seeking Alpha. MarketWatch named Ciovacco Capital one of the "Twitter accounts for investors to follow". CCM was voted #1 in a "Most Helpful Investment Manager" Twitter poll


Providing a client referral also falls into the category of a time-consuming task that has nothing to do with our core mission of managing client accounts. Our highly efficient process reduces unnecessary distractions, allowing us to stay closer to the markets and our client accounts. Everything we do must pass the test of does this help us make better investment decisions for our clients or is it an unnecessary distraction that can be eliminated?

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