1. What is the minimum investment to get started?  Answer

  2. Why do you prefer to be contacted initially via email?  Answer

  3. After following CCM on the web and watching videos, I am ready to get started. What is the next step?  Answer

  4. What is the fastest way to get started with Schwab and CCM?  Answer

  5. I already have Schwab accounts. Can you manage them? Answer

  6. Can you manage accounts held at Fidelity?  Answer

  7. Assuming I begin with a 100% cash deposit or transfer, how would you invest my money?  Answer

  8. If I transfer assets from another firm, how long does it typically take and will CCM assist me with that process? Answer

  9. Can you provide a referral from an existing client?  Answer

  10. Can I monitor my accounts online?  Answer

  11. What type of accounts can you manage and do managed accounts remain in my name?  Answer

  12. Can I establish accounts at Schwab and then come to CCM?  Answer

  13. Are Schwab account documents available on your website?  Answer

  14. Will my account be subject to a lock-up period?  Answer

  15. How do I make deposits to my Schwab/CCM account?  Answer

  16. The vast majority of my assets are in a 401(k). Can you help me manage my 401(k)?  Answer

  17. I need to make annual required minimum distributions (RMD) from my IRA. Can CCM help me with that?  Answer

  18. What measures are taken by the third-party custodian to protect client assets?  Answer

  19. Is it better to run the market model in an IRA/tax-deferred account?  Answer

  20. Why does CCM's fee schedule provide for lower fees during long-term bear markets?  Answer

  21. Can CCM manage Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Accounts (PCRA)?  Answer